Selection of wines

Do you like a dry white or oaky red? A Charadonnay or Pino Grigio? We have them all.

We carry a large variety of wine kits from RJS Craft Winemaking: En Primeur Winery Series, Heritage Estates, CruSelect, Cru Specialty, Cru International and Orchard Breezin’. Wine kits contain a juice concentrate plus the ingredients that allow you to start your own wine.

One of the many choices available at J& J wines on Walkley Road
One of the many choices available at J& J wines on Walkley Road

The choice might be overwhelming, so call us to help make a choice and to check if we have your choice in stock: (1) 613 521-9489


White wines:
Italy Pinot Grigio
South Africa Suavignon Blanc
Italy Viognier
Winemaker’s Trio White
Chile Chardonnay
Germany Riesling GewuerzTraminer

Red wines:
Australia Pinot Noir
Italy Valpola
Chile Merlot
Chile Malbec
Spain Grenache Syrah
Winemaker’s Trio Red
Australia Shiraz
Australia Cabernet Sauvignon
Australia Cabernet Shiraz
Italy Zinfandel
Italy Rosso Grande Eccellente
Italy Amarone Style
Italy Amarone Classio Style
Italy Super Tuscan

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White wines:
California Style White
Chardonnay Style
Riesling Style
Sauvignon Blanc Style
Pinot Grigio Style

Red wines:
Cabernet Sauvignon Style
Merlot Style
Pinot Noir Style
Shiraz Style
Vieux Chateau du Roi Style

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White wines:
Argentina Style Trio
Australia Style Chardonnay
Australia Style Viognier Pinot Gris
Germany Style Gewuerztraminer
German Style Riesling Traminer
Italy Style Bella Bianco
Italy Style Pinot Grigio
New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc

Red wines:
Amarone Style
Australia Style Cabernet Sauvignon
Australia Style Cabernet Shiraz Merlot
Australia Style Shiraz
California Style Cabernet Syraz Zinfandel
California Style Pinot Noir
Chile Style Cabernet Malbec Carmenere
Chile Style Malbec
France Style Merlot
Italy Style Nebbiolo
Italy Style Rosso Grande
Italy Style Sangiovese
Italy Style Valpola

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White wines:
Italy Pinot Grigio Style
Ontario Sauvignon Blanc Style
South Africa Chenin Blanc Style
California Chardonnay Style
California Muscat Style
Germany Gewuerztraminer Style
Germany Mueller-Thurgau Style
France Rose Style
California White Zinfandel Style

Red wines:
Argentina Malbec Syrah Style
Australia Cabernet Sauvignon Style
British Columbia Pinot Noir Style
Chile Cabernet Merlot Style
Italy Nebbiolo Style
Chile Malbec Style
Italy Primitivo Style
Italy Sangiovese Style
South Africa Pinotage Style
Washington Merlot Style
California Syrah Style

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Dessert wines:
Cabernet Franc Style Dessert Wine
Premium Dessert Wine
Riesling Dessert wine
Vidal Style Dessert wine

Seasonal Fall Releases:
Black Forest Dessert wine
Coffee Dessert Wine
Raspberry Mocha Dessert Wine
Toasted Caramel Dessert Wine

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White wines:
Cranapple Celebration Seasonal Fall release
Green Apple Delight
Peach Perfection
Strawberry Sensation
Tropical Lime
Citrus Sunshine limited spring release

Red wines:
Acai Raspberry Rapture
Blackberry Blast
Blueberry Bliss
Cranberry Craze
Pomegrade Wildberry Wave
Seville Orange Sangria
Very Black Cherry

Blush wines:
Rockin’ Raspberry Rose

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